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Wolfovich is the modern rebel’s drink for life’s all occasions.

Wolfovich- Freedom in every can

With every sip of this exceptional sparkling water packed with a recreational dose of THC, you enjoy the masterfully blended crisp taste, playful bubbles, and the benefits of all-natural marine minerals. Wolfovich is the modern rebel’s drink for life’s all occasions.

Wild Cherry
The Red Alpha

Find your ultimate leisurely luxury experience in every can of this THC-infused fizzy drink. The Red Alpha added just the right dose of THC for your ultimate experience and made sure you get some beneficial marine minerals and NO sugar with your Wolfovich drink. Enhance your moments with the masterfully blended drinkable ripe cherries.

Tanzanian Tangerine
The Black Alpha

The Black Alpha created the Tanzanian Tangerine flavor for life’s happy moments. This joyful fruity drink is the perfect go-to for hot summer days. As All Wolfovich drinks, this also is sugar-free and enriched with all-natural Marine Minerals for your happy and healthy moments. Every can of our Tanzanian Tangerine sparkling water contains a recommended dose of THC which will replace the booze without a heavy head. Pick our THC-infused can of deliciousness over a beer on a hot summer day!

sea buckthorn
The gold Alpha

The Gold Alpha enjoyed the slightly tart flavor of sea Buckthorn and combined pleasure with benefit; he sourced and added the best marine minerals to your drink. Experience refreshment and join the exclusive Alpha club by opening a can of our THC-infused masterfully blended sparkling drink. All Wolfovich drinks contain THC sourced from the highest quality cannabis flowers.

brazilian lima
The Grey Alpha

This delicious carbonated purified marine mineral water is sugar-free plus rich in magnesium, calcium, and other all-natural marine minerals. The Grey Alpha created this delightful blend to grant refreshment with every sip. The crisp, bright taste of this THC-infused sparkling water, which contains a recreational dose, is perfect for your evening hangouts, plus you can get creative and add it to your homemade, alcohol-free mojito for an extra kick.

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